Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in the Heart Comes to Mind

It's funny what we think of sometimes, isn't it? 

I remember when I was younger one of my least favorite things to do was to watch my younger brother's soccer games.  Besides the fact that I understood very little about the game I was convinced (by plenty of evidence!) that he cared more about the dandelions at his feet than he did for the ball.  When I was playing youth baseball a number of years later we lost a game (in part) because the second basemen was daydreaming and totally missed a ball that fell right behind him...he hadn't even seen it coming, he was writing the name of his crush in the dirt by the base.  What compels us to think of these things?  I like to think that my brother was as bored by soccer as I am (he'll deny it!).  The young second baseman did what many guys do...he daydreamed about girls. 

But, just the other day I had an unusual experience of my own.  I was sick last Tuesday night.  I came down with a very violent case of the stomach flu and spent most of 8 hours in the bathroom doing what sick people do.  It was miserable: I was dehydrated, physically exhausted, sick, running a fever, I had hot sweats and cold sweats, I was in really really rough shape.  And at about 2:30 in the morning in the midst of one of the worst episodes of the evening something came to my head and I began to sing.  "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you."  And even in the midst of my misery there was comfort in the word of the Lord.

Check out this song.

My wife has been listening to "Seeds Family Worship" lately.  They put out CD's with songs using the words of Scripture.  (They just started using the ESV which makes me quite happy.)  Just having these on in the car, at work, or while we're home has been a great way for writing the word on my heart. 

You think of a lot of things at 2:30 in the morning when you're sicker than sick.  But you can't think of Scripture passages you don't know!  Go ahead and give these a shot, you never know when you may be especially glad you did.

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