Monday, July 30, 2012


This week I'm going with a group of people from our church here in Baileyville down to Mescalero, New Mexico.  There's an RCA church in Mescalero that was planted among the Apache tribe there in 1907.  Here's a fun-fact that many of you may not have known: the RCA has been a leading denomination in reaching Native Americans with the gospel.  In fact the famous chief, Geronimo, was a member in the Reformed Church, although his conversion seemed to waver as you can read here.  I'll be excited to partner with such a historic and important ministry.

We'll be there for about seven days and, Lord willing, we hope to get a lot accomplished in our time there.  We'll be painting, doing concrete work, pulling down trees, and installing some windows from what it sounds like and I'm sure other things will come up.  There's also a couple opportunities to be involved in youth groups and women's bible studies that we hope to take advantage of.

But, we also hope to do a good amount of worship as well.  It is my hope that each member of the trip will come back being genuinely and sustainably nearer to the Lord.  We'll be studying the whole book of Colossians and we'll be spending a good amount of time talking together about the Lord, his gospel, and its impact on our lives.

Pray for our group, if you would.  Pray that we are kept safe, that we truly do serve the mission needs of the Mescalero Reformed Church, and that we grow in our love for the Lord.

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