Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sin Unleashed

Tragedy can be horribly confusing.  "Why did this happen?" is a common question.  Certainly that question is going to be asked frequently in light of the movie theatre shooting in Aurora Colorado yesterday.  The Fox News headline reads "horrific attack came out of nowhere."  Why did it come at all?

James Egan Holmes has no criminal record, only one traffic ticket, and gave no one any reason to think that he was capable of something like this.  He was a good student, a quiet and easy going neighbor, and apparently he's a mass murderer. 

I'm sure many more details will come out as the police disarm the bombs and booby traps from his apartment, as detectives uncover every shred of evidence, as the media dissects his life, and as t.v. shrinks hypothesize about his innermost motivations and thoughts.  But the one truth that can't be found in an apartment or on a transcript or through interviews is the one that offers the most insight.  James Egan Holmes was a sinner and for whatever reason the sinful inclinations of his unrepentant and unconverted heart were unleashed on those unsuspecting people in Aurora. 

Bad things happen for many reasons and yet for just one reason.  Evil exists because we're part of a world in rebellion against God.

We need a savior, James Holmes needs a savior, let's pray that the savior reveals himself to this sin sick sinner.

Let's also pray for the victims who are still with us, pray for the families of those who died, and praise the Lord that he restrains sin to the extent that events like this are as rare as they are.  We long for a world where this sort of thing never happens, we long for the New Earth, come Lord Jesus.

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